Use Cases

In light of some of the specifics mentioned above, below are some use cases:

Venture Capital Investment in the age of Blockchain: Crowd funding and raising of seed capital is an ideal initial use case of blockchain technology. Digital tokens can now supplement traditional venture capital allowing startups to navigate the seed and angel phase as venture firms scale these startups into mature companies. Blockchain based digital tokens, that are issued during initial coin offerings, are quickly being adopted to replace/supplement the funding needs typically fulfilled by VC funds. The expertise, network, tutelage and support that a VC fund provides is more difficult to replace making this technology a welcome addition as opposed to a replacement. A significant portion of the VC community has embraced the ICO as a viable investment vehicle which provides those seeking capital with more opportunities for liquidity.

Digital Tokenization of Real Estate Assets: Tokenization of real estate offers a unique world of opportunities. Historically, investing in real estate is fraught with inefficiencies during the transaction process. With tokenization, the value of underlying assets can be transferred methodically and with liquidity profiles never seen before in the sector. These tokens can be in the form of digital contracts coded with specifics of the underlying assets and if the management of those assets are equity or debt financed. The global ramifications of this modernized access to considerable real estate assets will have a bigger impact on the global economy than the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Modernization of Insurance Products: The business of risk management within health, security, home owners, life insurance, or reinsurance, is ripe for innovative solutions. Infrastructure costs continue to grow and consumers are adversely affected by excessive premium increases. By utilizing a blockchain infrastructure, administration & overhead costs can be dramatically reduced. Combined with better information flow, the entire insurance industry can introduce cost savings and lower premiums for the first time.

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