Company Registration

Company Registration, in the case of Bermuda, was a key requirement, not only as part of the AML/KYC/ATF process, but also as part of the administrative requirement for the Bermuda Government. Regul8 is designed to adjust to specified requirements defined by the Bermuda Registrar of Companies, and integrated those into the Regulatory Process there.

Wallet Capabilities include the storage of relevant administrative documents, custody where appropriate, and can facilitate introduction of a stablecoin. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency designed to minimize the price volatility. The value of a stablecoin can be pegged to fiat currencies, or to exchange traded commodities (such as gold, silver, other precious and industrial metals, etc).

The Administrative Platform enables regulators to define roles for each user ranging from company registration, to market regulators, traders and custody. BCT has worked closely with regulators to scope out and implement flows specific for their government processes and procedures.

The Administrative Platform enables multi-tiered permission and role definition for security, access and control by all administrative users. The HTML5 web portal features a powerful user-based roles system that provides intuitive access to the system functionality. Users roles are based on their desired purpose and function within the ecosystem and can be subject to regulatory approval. The platform automatically and intuitively leads them to the pertinent options from the dashboard.

Roles are customized by the regulatory body:

  1. Regulatory and Administrative Users will have access to AML/KYC submissions, the security issuance documentation and secondary market trading platforms for viewing, commenting, approval, or other.
  2. Issuer Users will have access to the digital security issuance platform allowing the fulfillment of all regulatory requirements.
  3. Sponsors/ICO Advisory Users operate on the behalf of issuers and have similar access. These advisors have the option to connect via API into the registration platform.
  4. Investor Users can research and invest in the Bermuda digital security issuance.
  5. Trader Users offer access to the secondary market to operate as a trader or market maker. This privilege is evaluated and approved by the BMA to ensure proper capitalization.
  6. Institutional Trader privileges offer access to issuances and secondary market trading once approved.

The Platform is also a Gateway for Integration that allows for third party connectivity through the digital security advisory’s software solution, either through FIX or REST protocols.

Through these points of connectivity, Blockchain Triangle will charge fees based on the role it provides. For software use, there will be fees for connectivity and AML/KYC to the investor and issuance community, while there will be transaction fees when facilitating DABA related services – Execution, Issuance and Custody.

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