Are you exploring an ICO?

As a new User on Blockchain Triangle, you will be asked to fill out personal background specifics.

Once that information is received, you will become a limited-rights user in Blockchain Triangle. Depending on whether you are filing for an ICO, please first tell us if you have a registered entity formed and approved by the ROC, or if you will be registering a new entity.

If you have already registered a Corporation that you wish to be linked to, fill out the personal background specifics, and a BcT representative will reach out to you. Be prepared to provide your CSP contact info, or your registration # and upload corporate registration doc’s.

As a new participant on Blockchain Triangle, you will be required to fill out either a Personal Declaration (if Registered already) or both Personal Declaration and Company Registration (for new entities). Please note that all new participants must fill out a Personal Declaration form as a requirement to maintain BMA compliance requirements.

For New or Existing Registrants of Companies, once the information is provided for the Personal Declaration, an AML/KYC/ATF review will be conducted and passed along to the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA). For New Corporate Registrants, once the Personal Declaration is submitted, a User can begin filling out the Corporate Registration form for the ROC.

For Corporate Registrants, once the Personal Declaration is approved by the BMA, BcT will submit to the ROC, and wait until confirmation returns to provide you Corporate Registry rights.

Once the Corporate Registration is linked to you account, you will become the administrator for that Company, and can continue onto the ICO Registration.

Once all requirements are provided for the ICO, the ICO can be submitted to the Fintech Advisory Board for Review. Please expect 4-6 weeks for ICO review.

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