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Blockchain Triangle

Blockchain Triangle (BcT) delivers a compliant framework for information management between investors, issuers and regulators. BcT enables stakeholders to deliver upon their stated goals with expedience, so constituents can see progress from their efforts.

Through its technology, BcT has developed a Platform of Platforms that provides a comprehensive framework for fostering the growth of the digital economy. The Blockchain Triangle solution, called Regul.8, is a customized Platform of Platforms that provides:

BcT Issuance Platform enables origination of digital security registration by issuers and their advisers. The platform is a step-by-step gating process that allows for the entry of relevant information, review and acceptance by regulators, marketing to investors, and the ultimate finalization on the blockchain. Issuance Platform that is easy to use, adheres to the regulatory standards and has robust security protocols.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Anti-Terrorism (ATF) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Platform to capture and secure user identity data. The platform can handle background checks in house or can offer connectivity to third-party ID verification services to fulfill regulatory obligations.

Company Registration & Regulator Integration

BcT’s Platform can integrate into existing data management systems allows, and allow governments and regulators to tailor their environment, is a significant differentiator with BcT.

Trading Platform with connectivity with the largest 11 token exchanges, with block OTC execution and unique wallet capabilities for a stablecoin functionality.

Administrative Platform enables regulators to define roles for each user ranging from company registration, to market regulators and/or traders and custody. BcT has worked closely with regulators to scope out and implement flows specific for their government processes and procedures.

The Platform is a Gateway for Integration that allows for third party connectivity through the digital security advisory’s software solution, either through FIX or REST protocols.

The underlying technology for BcT has connectivity to over a dozen exchanges, 6 in the US, 3 in Europe, 1 in Canada, and others scattered throughout Asia. Overall, the system today handles over 2BB shares per day, and $20billion notional overall, are multi-asset class: Crypto, FX, equities, options, futures, and the system has been running globally 24/7/365 since 2013, and first entered crypto space in 2012 with Atlas ATS.

No other system in the market has this level of integration. BcT technology has integrated with more than 60 institutional partners who understand the benefits of scalability and bandwidth. This platform of platforms provides a robust technological infrastructure (Reg SCI compliant) and provides a comprehensive framework for fostering the growth of the digital economy.

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